Attractions and Travel Tips for Munich Germany

Munich has the largest student population in all of Germany. It is a beautiful city that acquired the name Munich or “home of the monks” from its many monasteries in the past. Munich is known for its beer production as it contains 6 large breweries throughout the city. It is highly recommended to drink a Stein of beer at one of the cities beer halls to fully captivate the Munich experience. There are beer gardens, affordable food, large of abundance of cheese, fresh bread and great markets throughout the city.  If you are ever planning to travel to Germany by plane, bus or even renting a car in Germany, you want to know the ins and outs of the city. Munich is a great place with great food, people, and things to do. Munich is a city filled with history, nightlife, museums, students and great attractions. Continue reading

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Mini Van Rentals for Family Vacations

Mini Vans are extremely popular rentals for family vacations. When traveling with your family it is important to find a car that provides safety, space, and convenience. If you are a family with young children and are looking to take a long-distance road trip, investing in renting a minivan can save you the hassle of bus fairs and public transportation. Mini Vans are easy to drive and provide the space need to extra cargo and necessities you need to pack for your family. Many Mini Van rental cars include mini DVD players for the kids to enjoy movies and cartoons on the road. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed, peaceful and relaxing.

Now, Close your eyes and imagine your plain landing at an airport in Europe with your Mini Van Rental waiting for you out front. Autoworld drive car rentals will ensure that your family trip goes smoothly and safely. No matter where in the world you are traveling to, whether it is Europe, the Middle East, Canada or the USA, you can rest assured that you will enjoy your experience in a minivan. Many people argue that in Europe there are so many ways to travel by bus, train, and cabs throughout the city. It is easy to navigate your way through the city when you are traveling alone or with one other person. When you are with a family and large amounts of luggage, it is easier to travel at your own pace in a car that is going to ensure space and quick entry. Europe goes far beyond the city; there are also breathtaking countryside’s, museums, and excursions. Don’t be discouraged from traveling with your children. Embrace the relaxation of a family vacation by traveling in a Mini Van rental.

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AutoWorld Drive Car Rentals, Transportation Services and Locations

Car Hire is convenient, affordable, and simple with Different cities, locations, events, and occasions may alter what you are looking for in your Car Rental Service. All that matters is that you are transported to the places you need with a reliable automobile or transportation service. AutoWorld Drive offers anything from Mini Van rentals in Germany to Sports car Rentals in France. Popular rental destinations include Germany Car Rentals, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, UK, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, UAE Dubai and more.

AutoWorld Drive also offers Airport Transfers and Limousine services for anyone who needs to hire a chauffeur to reach their destination. If you have a large family you can chose from our Mini Van rentals and if you prefer a sports or luxury car you can chose from our Mercedes Rentals, BMW rentals, Porsche Rentals. Auto World Drive also offers a variety of smaller cars and Economy Car Rentals.

To learn more information please take a look at our options, cities and locations where you will be traveling and we would love the chance to assist you in arriving safely and conveniently to your desired destinations. Visit for more information.

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Car Hire Tips and Benefits

There are times and places when you will have to quickly hop on a plane for last minute business trip, a family wedding, reunion, and more. The last thing you want to worry about is how to travel around your final destination. When Renting a Car you want to be able to have options for what type of car you will rent. For example if you are traveling with your wife and three kids, you are most likely going to want to Rent a SUV or even consider Mini Van Rentals or maybe you are wanting to impress a potential client and would rather Rent a Luxury Car. Ultimately Car Hire is for the convenience of those who are traveling and in need of transportation.

If you are planning on traveling a few days for a long term trip, sometimes it is a good idea to Rent a Car at a cheap price in order to preserve your cars condition as well as the mileage. For long trips it is important to utilize Car Rental Companies that can offer and affordable price. Certain trips may require more space for baggage and family members. Renting a larger vehicle may be more expensive, however it could help preserve your car and offer your family a more comfortable form of travel. If your car is older and you do not think it can handle a cross country trip or the wear and tear then Car Rental is for you.  Some may argue that it will be more expensive with rental and gas fees however in the long run it can save you from having to quickly buy a new car as well as offer you a convenient comfortable trip.

Another benefit of Car Rentals is that is not only national but international. There are car rental agencies that offer transportation services all over the world.  Many people always consider paying 300 or 400 dollars on a plane ticket but they do not way the options of renting a car for a short or long trip. Imagine getting a group of friends together to take a trip from France to Germany, it would be far cheaper to rent a car in Europe then to pay individual plan tickets. Traveling in a Rental Car can allow you to be more in control of your trip. You don’t have to worry about missing a bus or a delayed flight, you simply drive at your pace and convenience.  So weather you need to rent a car in Middle East, Rent a car in Germany or Car Hire in Switzerland, you can always know there are ways to get around that are affordable and convenient for any traveler.

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