Attractions and Travel Tips for Munich Germany

Munich has the largest student population in all of Germany. It is a beautiful city that acquired the name Munich or “home of the monks” from its many monasteries in the past. Munich is known for its beer production as it contains 6 large breweries throughout the city. It is highly recommended to drink a Stein of beer at one of the cities beer halls to fully captivate the Munich experience. There are beer gardens, affordable food, large of abundance of cheese, fresh bread and great markets throughout the city.  If you are ever planning to travel to Germany by plane, bus or even renting a car in Germany, you want to know the ins and outs of the city. Munich is a great place with great food, people, and things to do. Munich is a city filled with history, nightlife, museums, students and great attractions.

Munich is known for its nightlife, Rich History and Beer. Before you head out to the nightlight, clubs, and bars you may want to first stop at the Deutsches Museum which is the world’s largest science and technology display. Also nearby you will see the Tierpark, the zoo, the place where the 1972 Olympics where held, and for those who love cars you can stop at the BMW World Headquarters. Another great fun adventure is the “Romantic Road” which begins and ends in Munich. This is a fun exploration of the medieval walled city. If you are interested in seeing Munich at night, visit Schwabing, one of Munich’s artistic districts. This is where the actors, painters, and artists usually hangout. Here you will find more trendy nightclubs and restaurants that are different and more modern then you might encounter elsewhere. Nothing however will compare to the cities Oktoberfest that averages 6 million visitors who consume thousands and thousands of liters of Beer, Wine, etc. This is one of the largest festivals in the world so you may want to be aware of the crowd before traveling to the city during the festival. It is however a great time to enjoy people from all over, great festivities, parades, eating delicious food and drinking.

Do not hesitate to travel to Munich, Germany. It is a beautiful city with a lot of great food and entertainment. Rent a Car in Munich and explore the wonderful attractions, book a hotel in Munich’s central location, and simple explore what Munich has to offer. You can rent car in Germany and book a hotel reservation in Munich today at

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